Wednesday, September 29, 2010

Yummy day 3!

For breakfast this morning I decided on the blueberry pancakes-

Not to deceive you I added half a fruit serving in blueberries. This pancake was super good! Then I had my other half of fruit serving in strawberries and my protein a scrambled egg. I normally would just have a big bowl of cereal and then be hungry 2 hours later. this kept me full till lunch. My chicken Caesar salad-

I added 1 oz of a chicken breast I cooked up myself to romaine and tomatoes. I fruit serving for plums is 2 so there they are. I had a carb to use from breakfast and I found the lovely feature "My additions" feature and added my low sodium pretzels. I didn't have any croutons so decided to use those instead and the nutrition info they had for what they entered for pretzels was way higher. I ended up breaking these up into my salad =) The dressing is pretty good. The consistency of their chicken was a little odd. The gel they had it in was really gross. Other than that I will get this again because it was a quick and easy meal.

Tuesday, September 28, 2010

Tonight I had the Cheese Ravioli with Basil Tomato Sauce-

I have this phobia of heating things in plastic so my little pyrex dish is the perfect size for most of these meals. There are 2 decent sized ravilois in there. I was excited to see sliced mushrooms too! You may think only 2! Hey too many of these is why we are overweight! Here is what my whole meal looked like.

Yes people this is everything that I was allowed tonight. Veggie,Veggie, fruit, nutrisystem meal, fat and carb. The purple container is my water bottle. I have been assuming that it holds 2 8oz water but it really holds 4! So I have really been doing well with my water intake. I always was a huge water drinker. I was told you should drink half your weight in water so that has always been my goal.

Well back to the food. I have to say this hasn't been one of my favorites. It wasn't bad it just wasn't that great. The sauce was really good but the filling in the raviolis was pasty dry. Thank goodness for the sauce to mask the powdery taste to it. I'm not saying I'll never order it again but I think the side dishes made the meal for me tonight.

Tonight I went with the fudge brownie for dessert.

Since I didn't have my dairy/protein serving for my snack this afternoon I had it with my brownie. This was good. I was a bit suprised by how tiny it was but I think it's becuase I was waiting for my chocolate fix all day and in my mind my brownie was bigger. Of course in the past my brownies were twice this size with ice cream on top.

So far I am seeing how Nutrisystem is not a diet. It's here to teach us that we can still have all the normal food we love, we just need to learn how to portion control. These meals show us exactly how much. Maybe it will get embedded in our minds by the time we lose what we need to. Plus it's making sure we eat the veggies, fruit, protein and dairy we need daily. It's making me eat more veggies that's for sure.

I havn't added exercise to the routine yet. I am letting myself get use to this for now. I don;t want to go overboard and then fall off. Baby steps....

So good I feel guilty...

I just realized I totally forgot to get a pic of my dinner last night! Oh my goodness it was delish! I took the Chicken Pasta Parmesan and added sauted onion,peppers, mushrooms to it to bulk it up and get in my veggies. Then I found out since i have so much to lose I have to add a carb so I had a slice of wheat bread and put some ob on it for my fat becuase I coudlnt find butter in the lists so I figured it was a no. Then for my fruit I had honeydew. Very yummy!

Well it's day two and I have enjoyed all my meals so far today. This morning I couldn't wait to break out my chocolaye chip scone, cut it in half, dip it in an egg and toss it in a frying pan.

That smelled so good but I didn't have any SG syrup so I cooked down my fruit serving (blueberries) and put that on top and the rest of my protein serving (egg) and it prettied up the plate =)

Then for lunch I decided on try out the Bean and Ham soup. I went into this meal thinking it was going to be discusting! I am not a big ham eating person but I wanted to try something new. For my added protein I added some more of my hubby's lunch meat ham to it and a cup of strawberries for my added fruit.

Also a nice big salad-romaine, carrots, baby spinach, cucumber and leftovers from the kids lunch NSA canned green beans. Plus 2 tbsp ff raspberry vinegarette. I ended up dumping my strawberries in it.

After eating this lunch I felt guilty. Why? Because I was so full I felt like I overate like I usually do when I have pizza or any of the other bad choices that I made to get here. Yeah I am going to need a mental makeover through this all too.

On a happier note Biggest Loser tonight!

Monday, September 27, 2010

The day has come!

I finally decided this was the week to get myself back to making healthier eating choices for myself. I know a lot of the reasons why my cycle is so messed up is because of this weight. I want to stop thinking that it is me keeping myself from getting pregnant. The only thing I haven't followed through with since being diagnosed with PCOS is drop 10% of my weight to jump start everything. Instead when everything else hasn't worked, I have adopted self pity and used foods to cope. That stops now!

I went grocery shopping this weekend and grabbed a whole bunch of fruits I enjoy, some yogurts I can add in, my brother in law gave us a bunch of veggies from his garden and I also grabbed some extras for salads and such. Hubby even said he would plan for his and Kaila's dinners so that will keep me from the temptation of munching while preparing theirs. I also found a bag of thin mint fudge bars in the pantry and told him to put them by the coffee pot at work. Let them nibble! Hubby started the biggest loser challenge at work last week so he'll have to hold himself accountable. I am making this healthy change for myself and have to stop trying to help him make healthy choices for himself. It just makes me upset with him and then I binge. Like I said he needs to be accountable for himself.

So I received my box (it was very exciting too!) on September 1st and had so much fun digging through all the goodies! It was a great start to a Muggy Monday that's for sure! Which reminds me it was in the 80's and when I grabbed some of my chocolate goodies out they were mushy so they have been in the freezer since I can't imagine what they will look like when I pull them! Even though I didn't start as soon as I got my box I have been making better eating choices for myself. For instance yesterday was my cousin b-day. There was tons of junk food and some healthy choices. His sister gave me 2 cups of delicious Teavana tea (Totally hitting the Walden Galleria Mall up for some of that later this week) while I nibbled on some carrot sticks, green peppers and mushrooms. Then from there I did have the tinniest slice of pizza. Which normally I would have hit the chips and buffalo wing dip first then devoured a few slices of pizza. I entered all my info into the nutrisystem food journal so I could be held accountable. I have also dropped 5 lbs too! I don't know why I hesitated starting as soon as my box arrived. Normally I jump right in. This is definitely a different approach but hey I didn't stick to it then so hopefully this is what I needed to get my booty going. During those that time I also was reading an awesome blog which she is total motivation! I learned so many different ways I can amp up the main nutrisystem meals so I do not get bored with them. Oh plus I didn't know but you don't just eat what they give you! You add fruits, veggies, dairy and more protein!

Here is my breakfast this morning-
Apple cinnamon oatmeal with 1 cup sliced strawberries (fruit serving) and string cheese (dairy/protein serving). I did not like this oatmeal my first bite. As you can see in the pic it was thick and rubbery! I like it thinner so I added some more hot water to thin it out and then I loved it! Next time I will put it in for less time.

Here is my 1st nutrisystem lunch-

It was cheesy potatoes BUT I found a recipe to make it into a potato salad here. It was delish! I also had some baby carrots with it. I was going to refrigerate and eat it cold but I tasted it warm and it was fine that way so why wait? Of course afterwards my stomach started to hurt so I am hoping it wasn't that.

Sunday, September 19, 2010

Got it!

Well my box did come...but then I didn't have the motivation to do it. I hate how it comes and goes. I wish someone could just send a shock through me daily to keep it up there. So yeah I have it just have to muster up the excitement again, grab the healthy food to go along with it and then get myself to do it. The salt isn't as high as I thought it would be but it is higher than just eating healthy. I feel like if I do this and drop weight it will show me I can do it and then start myself making healthier choices for myself. I already don't eat fast food other than Subway or an occasional Tim Horton's sub so I am proud of myself for that. baby step indeedy!

Sunday, August 29, 2010

I am worth it!

Well I finally did it. I finally see that I am worth it. I am sick of wondering if it's all my fault we haven't gotten pregnant. It's always weighing in the back of my mind that if I did lose about 30% of this weight (which about 1/4 of it came on from the infertility battle) that maybe I could start popping out some good eggs. So I finally decided this is the time to start loving myself and have a go at nutrisystem. My sister tried talking me out of it. She did it back when it was over $400/month to do it and she didn't lose much. BUT she was going through some really high stress and I don;t think she was able to put 100% into making it work for her. Right now they have a summer special running plus a woman on the Facebook page gave me an extra coupon so here I go. I can share this same coupon with you as well if you are a first time customer so if you are interested shoot me an email I already started to get my butt moving and walked 3 miles yesterday with the family. I want to get myself motivated in the exercise department before my package once the cooler temps settle I will wan to use my elliptical and treadmill. I am also checking out the exercise plans they have on their website to do some strength training since you still burn in your sleep if you do here's to giving it more than I have ever done!!!!
ADDED: I saw what my weight was when I first started this page and was happy to see I hadn;t gained it all back. I was 267 and I am 257 now.....

Friday, May 08, 2009

Treadmill took a dump

So my treadmill took a dump. The motor was going for some time now and now it only lets you run. I mean run super super fast! So I posted it on some sight for free(in February-which is super cold and icy here) and it was gone in twenty minutes. So before the tax return came we went out and tested a few and found the new one to the left. I haven't named it yet. Trying not to name is something too feminine so the hubby will use! I already have been going on it during the week 30 minutes a day. I plan on upping it soon. We now have so much exercise equipment we could have our own room for a gym. Unfortunately we don't have room for that so for now my new toy is in my bedroom and Ellie (elliptical) is down in the basement not being used. I need to up my ability to use that and so does the hubby. until then this baby has become my best friend.

Monday, June 02, 2008

New way to keep track of water consumption!

I have been having issues getting my water down. I saw this at Target and thought hey that's a neat way. Yeah the price tag is way higher than a regular water bottle. Sure I could just use my 32 oz water bottle and keep track that way..but I'm not. So I decided to splurg! Why not? I'm worth it! If you want to get one Target and Ebay are cheaper.